Based in the Yellowstone-Teton area, Philippe Media Group is a video production company with decades of international experience.

To its clients, Philippe Media Group promises high-quality videos that evoke the audience's desired emotion, videos set with outstanding sound design and soundtracks, and . . . promises delivery in time!

Philippe Bouyer at work before 2007

Philippe Bouyer, the creator of Philippe Media Group, was educated about filmmaking in France. His career began with the writing, direction, and production of "Ache," a highly acclaimed short fiction film released by Warner Brothers.

Other traditional films to Philippe's credit include the production and direction of music videos, corporate marketing films, and fiction short movies. Then, Philippe's repertoire expanded to journalism by creating news segments across Europe and Africa, including various museum productions, documentaries, and several hundred reports for French television (France 2, Canal+, M6, La 5ème).

Over time, Philippe's quest for excellence in special effects led him to CGI animation, providing a new medium for his creativity. Philippe has become an internationally recognized specialist in animated cameras within the tools of CGI filmmaking. He employs his traditional filmmaking experience to create a realistic experience in the virtual domain.

Since 2007, Philippe has been a resident of the USA; since 2010, he has added activities of novelist and screenwriter for the motion picture industry. He is also the author of the travelogue US , the visual tale of his journeys through the USA.


“Philippe made an immediate and lasting positive impact on our Digital Imaging and Animation team; he brought new ideas, talents, and skills that dramatically elevated our work and success of our clients, both internally and externally.“
Phil Kutner, CEO Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

“Philippe is a versatile artist who has provided, over our years of cooperation, many types of services, including CG 3D Lead Artist, CG Animator, and Video Editor as an After Effect specialist, as well as consulting services. Philippe has actively contributed to the reputation of Vue over the years.
Nicholas Phelps, CEO E-on Software

“Philippe's specific expertise in directing a totally immersive digital experience was unique and quite frankly is greatly missed since his departure."
Jim Williams, Dir. Design Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

“Philippe’s animations have attracted quite a lot of attention, and were praised by CG professionals from around the world"
Eran Dinur, DAG-ILM

"I have particularly appreciated Philippe's versatility, his talent, his outstanding sense of composition for images, his outstanding sense of cinematic rhythm in edition, and his professional autonomy, which did not prevent him from remaining faithful to the spirit defined in common."
Marcel Meyer, Producer at Sycomore Europe



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